Distilling Books

Offering you a specific selection of distilling books to help aid you on your journey into home distilling.  All of the books we carry, we feel, have sufficient and valuable information on a variety of distilling topics.  Everything from getting started with your first brew, recipes for various types of spirits all the way to a brief history of moonshine, where it all started.

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Distiller's Guide to Rum Built to Order (About 3-5 weeks to ship)

Distiller's Guide to Rum

Did you know that people purchase more rum as compared to gin, bourbon, scotch or tequila in the USA?The Distillers Guide to Rum is a very rich book for rum enthusiasts. With the collective expertis..


Home Distillation Handbook Built to Order (About 3-5 weeks to ship)

Home Distillation Handbook

This is one of the best written books on home distillation. It explains the process of making alcohol spirits from your home, guiding you through the fundamentals of fermentation to the process of usi..


Making Pure Corn Whiskey

Making Pure Corn Whiskey gives a detailed history and the ways of producing whiskey with guidelines on how to produce a high-separation fractionating still that you will use to distill.  The..



Moonshine! is not only fantastic but also a fun book to read.  This book looks at moonshining history in-depth from the beginning all through to the present day.  It outlines the basic proc..


The Joy of Home Distilling Built to Order (About 3-5 weeks to ship)

The Joy of Home Distilling

If you are interested in home distilling but you are not sure where to start, The Joy of Home Distilling explains every step on how to create your own perfect brew in the comfort of your own home. ..