Making Pure Corn Whiskey

Making Pure Corn Whiskey

Making Pure Corn Whiskey gives a detailed history and the ways of producing whiskey with guidelines on how to produce a high-separation fractionating still that you will use to distill.  The history educates the person reading about corn whiskey and the role that whiskey played in the American society and that is: independence, cultivating a culture, and tough principles. As a home distiller, you need to read this book to know how to “make the cut”, the expertise that will differentiate between producing real whiskey and simply adding flavor to alcohol. You can also use this process to produce real brandy, rum and schnapps.

For individuals residing in states where distilling spirits at home is legalized, doing this activity can be fulfilling and worthwhile just like any other hobby. Winemakers and home brewers will especially enjoy it since it is an extension of their current hobbies. Just like in brewing, the same stages of mashing and fermentation are present, although the brew is taken through a purification process instead of consuming it. Distillation is the process and just like mashing and fermentation, it is a fulfilling process.

People who have never brewed or fermented before will find this book beneficial, as well as people with experience. All the principles on mashing, distilling and fermenting are well outlined in this book with enough information for the beginners to gain knowledge on how to make corn whiskey of the highest quality.

This book, “Making Pure Corn Whiskey”, will ensure the reader enjoys producing pure corn whiskey which just like all brandies and whiskeys of high quality is outstanding and respectful.

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