About Essential Distilling

Essential Distilling started several years ago as some avid coinsurers (drinkers!) wanting to do some experimenting with distilling.  We had no intentions of running a distillery but we just wanted a hobby where we could try out some ideas on what would make a good vodka or gin.  At that time, one of our partners was also into massage therapy so being able to create essential oils was also appealing and given that an alcohol still is basically the same for essential oils, we started looking into it. 

However, there wasn’t a lot of still manufacturers creating products for the hobbyists or for small batches and we didn’t want to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a still, just for fun.  So we started calling around and talking to various still manufacturers, which didn't take too long because there wasn't very many companies doing it.  By this time, some of our other friends were  getting more interested as well since we kept talking about it and so we finally found a manufacturer producing stills and was willing to partner with us as a reseller and we set up shop initially to sell them to our friends, which quickly led to selling to strangers.  And now, 5 years later, we’re selling stills, distillation equipment and related accessories all over the USA.

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