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Distilling at Home & Moonshine Safety Tips 

Distilling at home can be quite fun and the outcome is an outstandingly sweet moonshine. Regardless of the spirit you are producing, creating your still well, getting the perfect ingredients and recipe, distilling legally and observing the product keenly are very vital. The materials used and the whole distillation process are very dangerous and hazardous when done without proper technique, procedure and care.


Distilling entails the obtaining of pure and clean compounds from a composition of fermented corn, barley, wheat and other substances. Depending on the consistency and temperature of the composition, several pure materials i.e. methanol may at different times be extracted but these are toxic. Almost all the extracted substances are extremely flammable and it’s key for all the final products to be kept away from direct heat. Using non-toxic washes for flavoring the drink and for the safety of the consumers is necessary.


Before you get started, be sure you entirely understand the whole distilling process, are mindful of the involved risks and dangers and how to carry out the process safely. Never be afraid to look up videos, how to guides or join in on various forums for questions and information.  No questions are ever stupid enough!  You will always read more than you actually distill, so soak it all in!  Read twice, distill once!


Never leave a still that’s on use unattended and always prioritize safety when home distilling. 

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