Gin Series Distillers

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Gin Series Moonshine Stills

Having received multiple requests from several small craft distillers and hobbyists, the Gin Series Moonshine Still remained a Brewhaus custom production product until its demand increased forcing them to produce them as a part of their product line with regular production runs. Due to its unique and outstanding design, the Gin Distillation Column may be set up in different styles making it the most flexible distiller.

The gin column can be organized to work the same way as the High Capacity forced reflux and Pro Series II distillers by including a similar diameter gin basket as the other distillation column. This pattern gives you two ‘gin basket’ options; a 5 inch basket suitable for several infusions, and a 20 inch basket to be used with huge quantities of botanicals. The gin series columns can be set up also as a pot distiller, a column distiller, or an alembic style distiller.

Though they were made with the purpose of gin distilling, these distillation columns can be virtually used to distill anything because of their versatility. These include; essential oils, rum, whisky, water, vodka and anything that involves infusing aroma and flavor.

The are made to last! The gin series moonshine distillers are manufactured right here in the USA by Brewhaus, and they have a lifetime warranty just like their other Essential Extractor Moonshine Stills!


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