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Stainless Steel Parrot

Stainless Steel Parrot

** Parrots are custom made when ordered, so they may take up to a week to ship **

This American made Stainless Steel Distiller's Parrot is 12" tall and allows you to do your own proof testing inline as you distill. Simply hook up the Distiller's Parrot between the condenser and your collection container.  By doing this, it will allow the distillate to flow through on its way to the collection container.

Obviously, this is not required to start distilling, but it can be an added convenience.  This way you can easily use the Distiller's Parrot to hold your alcoholmeter and take real-time readings of your alcohol percentage during the distillation process. If you didn't have a parrot, you'd have to collect your distillate in a collection container and then use the alcoholmeter to test what you've collected in your container.  Ultimately, the goal here is to test the alcohol percentage/proof of the distillate as you go and use that percentage as a guide (along with temperature) to decide where to make your cuts.

The Distiller's Parrot attaches to condensers on most moonshine stills regardless whether you are using a pot distiller column, a reflux column, or a gin series column. Note that our Flute Moonshine Stills have a built-in Distiller's Parrot, so you do not need to order an additional parrot if you have one of our flute distillation columns.

Stainless Steel Parrot Features:

  • Made in USA
  • Real time alcohol readings
  • Stainless Steel
  • Fits most stills from pot, reflux or gin

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