Raschig Rings - 1L

Raschig Rings - 1L

Raschig Rings are a popular and excellent choice for column filling.  Being made of ceramic, they are porous by nature and allow the vapor to pass across a high amount of surface area while performing in a consistent, defined large void space. Raschig Rings work out great as distillation column packing because they take out the worry from packing the column too tight, which can lead to the vapor choking.  Also, as an inert packing, they will practically last forever, assuming you clean them and take care of them properly.  Keep in mind, if you're using a stainless steel distiller, Raschig Rings will not remove sulfur compounds.  You must use a copper material for that, such as copper mesh.  And yes, you can use both Raschig Rings and copper mesh at the same time.  Refer to Distiller Column Packing for more information.

Raschig Rings Features:

  • Each bag contains 1L of Ceramic 6mm x 6mm (61 cu. in.) Raschig Rings
  • Inert ceramic material lasts very long
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Can be used with copper mesh
For a 2" x 36" column, such as the Essential Extractor Pro Series II, use approximately 1.5 L of Raschig Rings.

For a 3" column, such as the Essential Extractor Pro Series II High Capacity/Volume, use approximately 5 L of Raschig Rings.

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