Copper Mesh

Copper Mesh

Copper mesh is usually the go to choice of those not using a copper still.  It's the perfect column packing material when your distilling with stainless distiller.  Each bag features a 30-foot strip of copper mesh which helps reduce the amount of sulfur compounds in your product.  Some often refer to this packing as a "structured packing" but the very nature of stuffing mesh in your column is not really a structure.

For columns that are 2" x 36" (Essential Extractor Pro Series II) - use 1 bag of copper mesh

For 3" columns, like the Essential Extractor Pro Series II High Capacity/Volume - use 3-4 bags of copper mesh.

Remember, don't pack your columns too tight.  You still need to maintain proper vapor flow.  The packing should fit snugly but not too compressed.  For additional information on how to pack your column, please check out our Distiller Column Packing article.

Keep your copper packing material dry and clean when not in use.

Copper Mesh Features:

  • Made from pure copper
  • Each roll is 30-feet long

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