Your Guide To Couplings

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Your Guide To Couplings


We periodically get questions on couplings, so we thought we'd try to break it down a little and give you some more info on what they are and how the work etc.  

When ordering a still, you have the option of installing a welded 1” NPT coupling to your Premium Kettles. Although they are not necessary for distilling, if you decide to get one installed, the couplings are very useful for a few different functions. Couplings prices are inclusive of installation.


What’s a Coupling?

A coupling is a small pipe threaded inside and welded through the premium kettle’s wall for the Moonshine Still.


Functions of Couplings

Couplings are installed for different purposes. Below are the two most common functions of couplings.

1. To put in a drain

A coupling at the bottom of the Moonshine Still’s premium kettle serves as a drain. Instead of tipping over the kettle after you’re done washing, you can easily drain what’s left inside the kettle. On this occasion, a plug in will be required for the drain to be plugged.

2. To use an internal heating element

In case you are planning to use a hotplate or a band heater, installing a coupling won’t be a requirement. To insert the heating elements, couplings are placed higher on the Moonshine Still’s kettle. Unlike the other types of heating elements, e.g. a band heater, there’s a risk of scorching your wash when you are doing grains using the internal heating element. Currently, we don’t have internal heating elements but it doesn’t mean we won’t have them in future. 


Do I Need a Coupling?

Newbies regularly ask for a coupling to be installed on their kettle even though they have no idea of their uses. It’s a waste of money if you won’t need an internal heating element or a drain in your kettle.

Do you need a coupling? Go ahead and leave a message to in your order and notify us if the coupling is for the heating element or the draining function. This will assist our welder know where to place the coupling.