Carbon Filtering

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About Carbon Filtering


Though some people like using carbon filtering, others don’t like it. It is paramount to ensure that you use food grade plastic tubing when you are using carbon filtering. This is because the use of low grad plastic is not perfectly compatible with spirits that has high alcohol content.

Most prominent distillers, for example Jack Daniels prefer charcoal filtering to carbon filtering. Nevertheless, distillation of fine spirits doesn’t require charcoal filtering. Most distillers argue that the use of charcoal spirits can adversely affect spirits since some required flavors in the grain can be filtered out and lost.


In case you distill a poor spirit, it is always good to dilute it to alcohol content of 40% and then distill it again. You should make your cuts so perfectly that you will be able to make Moonshine of superior quality. Use of charcoal while distilling your moonshine could lead to loss of desired flavors and instead bring about undesirable tastes.


Most if not all, home distillers and professionals aim at maintaining the taste and flavors of the original grain. The use of charred maple or oak to age your moonshine yields better results than using it to filter the liquor.


Therefore, with all that in mind, most distillers prefer carbon filtering their spirits to charcoal filtering. First, always ensure that you have a food grade tube that is reasonably wide. Start by discarding some charcoal dust by passing some water through the filter. When you start filtering, you need to place a coffee filter over the collection jar to filter out any charcoal remains that may be discharged.


To get a spirit that you can comfortably drink at a favorable concentration, you can opt to use bottled water for the filtering and also for diluting your moonshine. It is good to avoid using tap water since some of it can make your moonshine appear foggy. Although the foggy appearance will not in any manner tamper with the flavor of your moonshine, it doesn’t give the spirit a pleasant look.