Thermometer Options For Your Still

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Thermometer Options For Your Still

Many of our stills give you the flexibility to add-on which options suit you best.  Some of these include coupling, column packing and the type of the thermometer. Any thermometer that you choose is put at the upper part of the distillation column. The vapor’s temperature is measured as it goes through the cooling lines and infiltrates into the condenser. Digital and laboratory grade thermometers fit into a gum bung which has been drilled before. Gum bung is eliminated by placing more costly thermometers known as the solar digital thermometers which are fixed into an integral NPT coupling and welded to a ferrule with three clamps and end cap. You can decide on which is the most suitable for you by reading the alternatives below:


Laboratory Grade (with bung)

This thermometer is placed at the upper part of the distillation column through pure gum bung and comes with the majority of stills (apart from the flute system).  Approximately 12 inch long, the standard liquid-filled thermometer has both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings which range from -10C - 110C and 0F - 230F respectively. The bungs are then drilled to the specifications of the thermometers to ensure a tight fit. The rubber bung, which is also referred to as the rubber stopper is not a rubber product despite its name.  Unlike rubber, solid food-grade uncontaminated tan gum tolerates chemicals thus it is used to make these bungs.


Digital (with bung)

You can choose an improved laboratory grade thermometer known as the digital thermometer when placing an order. The digital, 180 degrees, swivel-headed thermometer has a standard grade. It has one-degree accuracy, and it has both Fahrenheit and Celsius reading on a scale of -58F – 572F and -50C – 300C respectively. The bung digital thermometers are custom drilled to fit the distillation column properly just like in laboratory thermometer.


Solar Digital (fixed into integral NPT coupling)

If you want a thermometer that is placed on the top of a distillation column without using a bung, you can alternatively upgrade to our solar digital thermometer. These thermometers are of high quality, and its body is made of stainless steel and use swivel head for measuring. The thermometers are fixed into an integral NPT coupling and welded to a ferrule with three clamps and end cap. The thermometers, which are on sun energy which is supported by a battery, are very accurate. They measure either in Fahrenheit or Celsius and use a range of 50F - 320F -50C - 160C respectively. The thermometer, the tri-clamp end cap with ½” NPT coupling, the tri-clamp, the gasket, the tri-clamp ferrule, and the welding labor are all components of the upgrade.