Alcohol Dilution and Proofing Calculators

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Alcohol Distilling Calculators

Every home distiller knows that you have to do some calculations to make sure you turn out some good batches.  Materials aren't cheap and the last thing you want to do is dump a whole batch down the drain because you didn't calculate the right X to get your Y.  So we're helping you out.  Here's some calcuators you can use for things like alcohol dilution or even proofing to make sure you're on the right track.  It also makes the buying process a little easier because you only have to buy what you need and not guess.


Sugar Wash Calculator

made up to   total volume
should have an SG  
and only require     of water
and should produce a wash of  % alcohol  


Boil Time Calculator

Start Temp:
End Temp: (Water boils at: 100°C/212°F)
Efficiency: %
Time to Temp:> minutes


Alcohol Content of the Wash

If the SG started at
and finished at
Your wash is % alcohol  

Distillate To Water Calculator

of wash at % alcohol  
through a still that collects its distillate at %
should result in alcohol collected
should result in water left in the boiler when finished

Dilution Calculator

of % alcohol
Down to %
By adding Water  



Create a Volume of Alcohol at a Certain Strength

To make Liters of % alcohol
using % alcohol
Use Liters of Alcohol
and Liters of Water  

ABV Temp Correction Calculator

Enter the temperature of the distillate:
Enter the value the alcoholmeter shows:
for corrected ABV% @ 20 C

Temperature Converter

degrees Celsius


degrees Fahrenheit


Fortification (spirit addition)

Current alcohol (%v/v)
Desired alcohol (%v/v)
Spirit alcohol (%v/v)
Volume of wine parts
Volume of spirit to add parts
Details: This calculator works in the same way as a traditional Pearson's square. It is used to give the volume of spirit (of known alcohol content) to add to a volume of wine (of known alcohol content), to bring it to a desired alcohol content.

Vapor Speed Calculator

Column Diameter (Inches)
Power Input (Watts)
Vapor Speed (Inches)