Whats With Cloudy Moonshine?

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What's With Cloudy Moonshine?

Ideally, moonshine is brilliant and crystal.  And if it ain't, then you done screwed up!  Yup, we're talking about cloudy moonshine.  Some possible reasons would include:


Manage Your Heat

A clear or cloudy moonshine is obtained during the temperature management. The temperature added to the still will influence the results you get. For instance, too high temperature means that the liquid will boil and move into the column of the still finally dripping down into the vessel where it is collected. This is a process which is also known as puking, and it leads to the moonshine being cloudy.

On the other hand, if you are for quality, all you need is to turn low the heat. However, make sure the lowering  is not too much since this can lead to your moonshine cook taking too long than you would expect and end up causing a lot of inconveniences. Maintain a temperature that ranges between 172 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit so that the results obtained will be excellent and pleasing.

Meanwhile, you can also decide to look at the output of still closely and carefully so as to know when to add or even reduce the heat. The heat should be turned off if the liquid is pouring out of the still. If a drop is being put out by the still at a given time, then turn up the heat.


Check Your Water Source

Some minerals are found in water that is obtained from a tap. These minerals can make your shine appear cloudy. To avoid this, it is advisable to use water that is filtered.  During the process of mixing, be sure that the moonshine and water are at the same temperature and make sure that when combining the two, the water should be poured into the distillate and not the other way around.


No Yeast Allowed

Yes, I know you have to use yeast, but you don't want it in your still.  Using an auto-siphon machine is useful during the process of transferring the wash into the still. This action is a useful tool that will aid you in separating the yeast and trub that is in the bottom of the fermenter due to sinking. The removal of the yeast is very crucial since if allowed to go to the still the moonshine will look like a fog.


Tails Tales

Moonshines can also be made cloudy by fusel oils. It can happen when making improper tail cuts. It is wise to keep the hearts and do away with the tails so as to avoid having a product that is cloudy from the word go. In a case of the fusel oils are in low concentration, the hazy color will appear once the moonshine cools. These oils do have an odor and are not something you'd prefer to taste.