EasyStill Electric Distiller - Glass

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The EasyStill electric distiller is the perfect table top distiller for those looking for something a little simpler and compact to dip their toe into the moonshine pool.

Although the EasyStill appears like a small table top distiller, it is a high quality, stainless steel electric countertop distillation unit with a 4L capacity that delivers results that are similar to a pot still.  Based on the design of a popular water distillation unit, it's been factory modified for distillation by changing the heating element, increasing cooling, and omitting the chlorine release valve, plus some other proprietary adaptations.  The unit is still capable of distilling water, simply at a slower rate.  A convenient way to distill your own water, essential oils, whisky*, rum*, vodka*, moonshine*, and more, the EasyStill can produce up to 60% ABV product on a single run with the ability to reach 90% after a second run.

For a better final product, make sure to use very high grade activated carbon that is prepared properly for optimal filtration.  Although the EasyStill is as easy to use as a coffee maker, it should never be left to run unattended (just as no other still should ever be left to run unattended, from essential oil still to moonshine still).

We also throw in the custom, chemical tolerant EasyFilter System with Distillery Grade Activated Carbon.  This is in addition to the carbon filter for water that comes standard with the distiller.  $14.95 value!

EasyStill Electric Distiller Features:

  • Filter System
  • Activated Carbon
  • 4L Glass Collection Container
  • EasyStill Residue Cleaner
  • EasyFilter Alcohol system
  • 110V / 60HZ

*Alcohol distillation is not legal in all countries. It is the responsibility of the user to abide by local laws. Tech You Out LLC/essentialdistilling.com does not accept responsibility for illegal use of any distillation apparatus.

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