Ice Ball Press

Ice Ball Press

Show your friends and family that you're the real baller with the Ice Ball Press!  Create crystal-clear ice spheres to chill your whiskey, bourbon or any of your favorite drinks.  Simply add a chunk of ice onto the bottom half and then place the top half back on and watch physics take care of the rest.  Shortly within minutes you'll have a beautiful sphere that will chill your drink without diluting it like regular ice cubes does.  Each ice sphere is 55mm or just over 2" in diameter.  Using simple materials of only aluminum and stainless steel. 

Since a sphere has less total surface area than a cube, it's going to melt slower, last longer and reduce the amount of watering down of your drinks.

Requires no batteries or power as it works off of thermodynamics.  For quicker results, run the ice press under warm water or when doing several presses in a row.

Ice Ball Press Features

  • 55mm Ice Ball Diameter (2.17")
  • Solid Aluminum Construction
  • Stainless Steel Dual Rods
  • No batteries or power required
Care Instructions:
Hand wash

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