Essential Extractor Pro Series II High Capacity Column

Essential Extractor Pro Series II High Capacity Column

The High Capacity column unit is the same that is used by small-scale distilleries and for use as a laboratory unit in the larger distilleries. No other increased size column available to the home user has this background!

The High Capacity Pro Series II unit features a larger column than the standard Pro Series II unit. Because of it's increased size, you get increased cooling capability and an extended condenser to ensure efficient operation with the increased distillate volume. It's capable of distilling at more than twice the speed of standard 2" distillation column while maintaining the highest possible purity! Because of the size of our High Capacity column, more input heat is required (minimum of 1500W or use of gas heat recommended).  Note that column is a little higher, coming in at just over 4 feet tall.

This bad boy includes a reflux distillation column featuring an upper level cooling system all baked into a 2-piece column for ultimate versatility. Just by having the cooling lines near the top of the distillation column, you get your reflux action where it's supposed to be, at the top of the column. By doing this, you get a practical and efficient use of the column filling by causing the refluxed liquid to flow down through it, giving you a cleaner distillate. By crossing the cooling lines versus having them in parallel provides a much more efficient cooling system, which will result in using less cooling water but still maintaining its effectiveness.

Plus, since the cooling system is now in direct contact with the rising vapor you are going to get a far more efficient and effective cooling than those systems that completely surround a column with a cooling water jacket. The slow heat transfer rate through the thick column wall is much less efficient, and concentrates all of the cooling ability around the outside of the distiller column. The result of jacketed columns is liquid channeling down the walls of the column, while not cooling the majority of the vapor as it is not in contact with the column wall. While such a system may operate faster, it is at the expense of quality.

Added bonus! - As you can see, this is a two piece column that allows the top portion of the column to attach directly to the kettle. Why do you want that? Flexibility! You've now converted it into a true Pot Distillation column. It's like 2 columns for the price of 1!

Essential Extractor Pro Series II High Capacity Column Features:

  • 2 piece distillation column (Can be used as a reflux column or pot distillation column)
  • 4' total height
  • 2 3" Stainless Steel Tri-Clamps
  • 2 3" EPDM Chemical Tolerant Gaskets
  • 1 Pure Tan Gum Bung
  • Thermometer (Upgrades available)

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