Clearing Agent - Sparkolloid (1/3 oz.)

Backorder - Ships in 1-2 weeks Clearing Agent - Sparkolloid (1/3 oz.)

Sparkolloid is our clearing agent that is extremely effective when a quick clearing needs to get done.  Or maybe, you've tried another clearing agent and it failed.

Our Sparkolloid features a proprietary blend of polysaccharides in a diatomacious earth carrier specially formulated for superior clarification.  As a result, it will yield a strong positive charge.  Using a hot mix Sparkolloid neutralizes the repelling charge of particulate matter which allows the aggregation and formation of compact lees.

This comes in a 1/3 oz. packet which is about 10 grams.


  1. BEFORE adding the Sparkolloid, stir the mash vigorously, wait a few minutes and then give it another vigorous stir.
  2. Prep the Sparkolloid by using 1 teaspoon per gallon
  3. Next, add the Sparkolloid to 2 cups of boiling water and allow to boil for 3-5 minutes or until it's completely dissolved.
  4. Finally, gently stir into your wine or turbo yeast base to achieve full suspension.

Within 24 hours, the product is usually clear.

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