All Inclusive Essential Extractor Vodka-Gin Home Moonshine Distilling Kit

Built to Order (About 3-5 weeks to ship) All Inclusive Essential Extractor Vodka-Gin Home Moonshine Distilling Kit

Looking for a complete home moonshine distilling kit?  We've decided to help you out and create a bundle that includes everything you need to get running, including heating element and the book, The Joy of Home Distilling.  This bundle is crammed full of just about everything you need to get rolling.  So instead of trying to figure out what things you need or what customization you should do, we've put together an all inclusive still set up that will allow you do vodka, gins, whisky, fuel alcohol, vinegar or even just standard distilled water.  The only decision you need to make is how big, 8 or 15 gallon.

This is the All Inclusive Essential Extractor Vodka-Gin Home Distilling Kit that will give you with the benefits of the Pro Series II distillation column with the additional flexibility of a gin basket. This will allow you to produce flavored vodkas, gin, or any other flavor-infused spirits or essential oils. These Gin Series columns provide you with the flexibility you need so that you can operate it as an Alembic design, Reflux distiller, Pot or Whisky distiller, Gin still or even an old-fashioned Moonshine still, depending on the configuration that you select.

If you tried to buy everything separately, you'd be spending over $840!  This is why the bundle is such a great value.  Plus you can still distill water, vinegar, essential oils and even ethanol for fuel.

Now if you want to have it customized, you can check out the 
Essential Extractor Gin Series Complete Setup and pick your options.

All Inclusive Essential Extractor Vodka-Gin Home Distilling Kit Features:

  • 4 piece 2" distillation column that can be used as a reflux column or pot distillation column
  • Crafted from dairy grade Stainless Steel beverage tubing
  • Stainless Steel Kettle with Aluminum Diffuser Plate
  • 4 - 2" Stainless Steel Tri-Clamps
  • 4 - 2" EPDM Chemical Tolerant Gaskets
  • 1 - 2" EPDM Chemical Tolerant O-Ring for direct keg attachment
  • Hoses with Hose Clamps
  • Brass Hose Fitting
  • Submersible Pump
  • Water Control System
  • Copper Column Packing 
  • Pure Tan Gum Bung
  • Laboratory Grade Thermometer 
  • The Joy of Home Distilling Book
  • 1500W Stainless Band Heater (110V)
  • 32L Fermenter made from food grade, chemical resistant PP plastic
  • Stick-on Thermometer
  • Equipment Cleaner (Alkaline, non-toxic cleaner specifically made for plastics, soft metals and stainless steel)
  • Equipment Rinse (Non-chlorinated rinse)
  • Airlock (3 piece)
  • Plastic Spoon with long handle
  • Stainless Steel Siphon with Clear PVC Tubing for lower proof product of 20% abv and lower
  • Sparkolloid Clearing Agent (1/3 oz)
  • Premium Alcoholmeter (30cm) with readings 0-200 proof (0%-100% abv)
  • Premium Dual Scale Hydrometer (30 cm) with both Specific Gravity Scale and Potential Alcohol Scale, 0.980 to 1.170 Specific Gravity reading
  • Glass Test Cylinder (13 in.)
  • High Spirits Turbo 48 Turbo Yeast
  • Standard Filter Unit, made from chemical-tolerant, ABS plastic with chemical-tolerant, food-grade sealant. Includes an RF clamp, funnel holder, and a starter pack of filter papers.
  • Large-capacity Funnel, 220mm in diameter and made of chemical-tolerant plastic
  • Premium Grade Activated Stone Carbon (0.4 - 0.85 mm)

** Please note that these distillers are custom made when you order them and as a result take a few weeks to ship **

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