1500W Stainless Steel Cartridge Still Heater

Backorder - Ships in 1-2 weeks 1500W Stainless Steel Cartridge Still Heater

This unique cartridge still heater is specifically made to be used inside distillers and moonshine stills.  Because of its shape, it provides 50% more surface area than standard elements at the same time as reducing the watt density which will also reduce the likelihood of scorching your product.  These still heaters are highly corrosion resistant and include a Teflon gasket to ensure a tight seal, however, because stainless steel can seize. you should always use some Teflon tape on the threads.

These will screw right on to the 1" NPT coupling on your kettle.  

If you do not already have a coupling installed on your kettle, you'll need to drill a 1.25" hole in the side of the kettle and then add the stainless steel nut and gasket add-on above.  Once you insert the still heater into the hold, screw it into the nut on the inside.  Use a couple wrenches to tighten the connections and the gaskets will create a leak free seal.

1500W Stainless Steel Cartridge Still Heater Features:

  • 110V, 1500W
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel
  • Heater measures 12"
  • Power cord measures: 16"

Make sure to place your kettle on a surface that can withstand the heat you're applying to it.

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